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PrEP4All and the Elton John AIDS Foundation Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance a National PrEP Program

Thursday, July 13th, 2023. 

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PrEP4All is proud to announce that our work to ensure equitable PrEP access for all in the United States will be supported by a two-year investment totaling nearly $670,000 from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. This new strategic partnership comes at a pivotal point in the movement for a National PrEP Program for uninsured and underinsured individuals in the United States. PrEP4All, a nonprofit dedicated to equitable PrEP access, was the first organization to call for such a program shortly after its foundation in 2018.

“PrEP4All started the campaign for a National PrEP Program, and– with this support from the Elton John AIDS Foundation and our coalition partners nationwide– we are more certain than ever that we will win,” says PrEP4All Executive Director Jeremiah Johnson. “If we are serious about ending HIV as an epidemic for every community, we can’t delay; we need a National PrEP Program to immediately eliminate the extreme racial and gender disparities we’re seeing in PrEP access. We are grateful to have seen real progress toward operationalization led by champions in the White House and within Congress, but there’s still work to be done. The Elton John AIDS Foundation’s resources, experience, and passion will supercharge PrEP4All’s advocacy at a crucial moment.”

“PrEP is an essential tool in ending the HIV epidemic, but it has to be accessible to all who need it. We at the Elton John AIDS Foundation have been inspired by the innovative work and leadership at PrEP4All toward a National PrEP Program, and we are proud to partner with them to break down the many barriers that lead to racial and gender disparities in PrEP usage,” says Anne Aslett, CEO of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. “Together, we can end the HIV epidemic, but only if we ensure that everyone at risk of HIV has easy, affordable access to this vital prevention method.”

Government action on a National PrEP Program started in 2022, when the Biden administration proposed a $9.8B, 10-year investment in an initiative called the PrEP for All to End the HIV Epidemic program. This proposal was the result of years of community led advocacy; since then, PrEP4All and partners have worked with the White House and Congressional champions to secure new funds and policy commitments that will build toward the vision of the National PrEP Program. 

The Elton John AIDS Foundation’s generous support and robust network focused on health equity in the US will accelerate PrEP4All’s mobilization and educational efforts in support of equitable PrEP access. Specifically, PrEP4All will continue to play a lead convening role in the PrEP in Black America coalition, whose convenings in September 2022 and May of this year set a new standard in Black-led PrEP advocacy. PrEP4All hopes to expand its support of “for us, by us” convenings in the next year for other key populations that are being left behind.

“Bringing together hard evidence, strategic policy, and lived experience is at the heart of what we do at PrEP4All.” says Communications and Mobilization Manager Michael Chancley. “Combining that with the long-term experience, creativity, and innovation of the Elton John AIDS Foundation gives me hope that even in these complicated political times, we can finally see some hope for the 90% of Black individuals in greatest need of PrEP who have been blocked from access.”

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About PrEP4All

PrEP4All is spearheading the fight for a National PrEP Program to cover the costs of PrEP for the un- and under-insured, as well as addressing further barriers leading to racial and gender disparities in PrEP utilization. Founded in 2018, PrEP4All has been a leader in activism to address inequitable access to PrEP, as well as access to COVID-19 and monkeypox vaccines and treatment. Our work has been covered by several leading news outlets including NBC News, The Body, NPR, The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, Science, and the New England Journal of Medicine. 

About the Elton John AIDS Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was established in 1992 and is one of the leading independent AIDS organizations in the world. The Foundation’s mission is simple: an end to the AIDS epidemic. The Elton John AIDS Foundation is committed to overcome the stigma, discrimination and neglect that keep us from ending AIDS. With the mobilization of our network of generous supporters and partners, we fund local experts across four continents to challenge discrimination, prevent infections, and provide treatment as well as influencing governments to end AIDS.