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Toward PrEP Access For All: An analysis of policies, approaches, and strategies in the Southern United States.

In partnership with Southern AIDS Coalition, we’re thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking report, “Toward PrEP Access for All: An analysis of policies, approaches, and strategies in the Southern United States.” This report delves into the crucial steps needed to ensure everyone has equitable access to PrEP. Key Findings: Key barriers to equitable PrEP access A […]
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Report 10.11.2023

PrEP4All M-Pox Alert Series

In Summer 2022, PrEP4All launched our M-Pox Alert Series, a limited series of bulletins containing key information for activists, advocates and impacted communities on the evolving response to the m-pox (formerly known as monkeypox) in the United States and worldwide. Learn more about our ongoing Pandemic and Outbreak Response work here and read past M-Pox Alerts […]
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Report 06.28.2023

For Us, By Us: PrEP In Black America: A Master Plan For HIV Prevention In Black America

In the spirit of seeking change to ameliorate the devastating impact of HIV in Black communities through biomedical HIV prevention, Black leaders convened the “PrEP in Black America (PIBA) Summit” dedicated to achieving health equity for Black same gender loving men.
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Report 04.15.2023

Science Held Hostage: How Pharma is Using mRNA Vaccine Contracts With Government to Delay Future Innovation

Clinical trials that are crucial to future pandemic prevention and current responses to SARS CoV-2 are being delayed by pharmaceutical companies. These companies are able to use government contracts specifying when, where and how current vaccines owned by goverments can be used to delay and defer access to these vaccines for research.
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Report 11.29.2022

Overview of mpox antivirals and diagnostics landscape

This rapid landscape analysis is centered on the antiviral treatment tecovirimat and point-of-care diagnostic tools and does not explore the landscape of mpox vaccine access. It is designed to provide a starting point for discussions, further analysis and action on potential interventions needed to ensure that both testing and treatment can be made readily available for all populations in need.
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Report 01.05.2022

22 Billion More mRNA Vaccines Needed To Stop Omicron, Study Finds

The scientific evidence is clear: only by universally deploying the vaccines currently most effective against infection – which for now appear to be mRNA vaccines – will we be able to blunt the virus’s evolution and begin to bring the pandemic under control globally.
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