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PrEP4All Urges Congress To Appropriate $100 Million Towards National PrEP Program in FY2025 Budget


On May 3, 2024, Michael Chancley, PrEP4All’s Communications and Mobilization Manager, submitted written testimony for the House Committee on Appropriations Labor, Health & Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Subcommittee urging Congress to pass a $175 million increase for CDC’s Ending the HIV Epidemic Program, of which $100 million would support a National PrEP Program in the FY25 LHHS appropriations bill.

“As a social worker who has developed programs to link patients to HIV prevention and care services in communities throughout the South since 2014, I have seen the impact of empowering community members to take control of their health in a way that improves their personal health, the public health, and reduces human and financial costs,” Chancley states in the testimony. “I also have seen the impact of numerous systemic challenges to accessing PrEP, resulting in new patients receiving HIV diagnoses daily. Implementing a National PrEP initiative would reduce the incidence of those preventable HIV infections.”

Read the full testimony here:

FY25 PrEP4All House LHHS Appropriations Testimony