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Letter 08.10.2021

Over 200 Scientists & Civil Society Groups Urge Biden to Scale-Up mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing

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Letter 07.22.2021

PrEP4All and the HIV & Hepatitis Policy Institute Lead National Call to End Ban on PrEP Services Spending with CDC Grant Funding

Over 60 signatures of leading HIV organizations call on the CDC and the White House to request the CDC to reverse its decision to prohibit the use of CDC prevention funds to pay for the additional costs of PrEP, including provider visits, labs for screening and monitoring.

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Letter 06.15.2021

More than 40 Lawmakers Biden To Immediately Take Aggressive Steps To Ensure Vaccines Are Quickly And Equitably Administered Around The World

The letter is endorsed by local, national, and global organizations including PrEP4All.

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Letter 11.20.2020

NIH Agrees to Strengthen Licensing Process and Increase Transparency on Drug and Vaccine Patents Following GAO Review

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report reviewing the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) management of their intellectual property.

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Letter 12.12.2019

12 Congresspeople Call on USPTO to Reject Gilead’s Request for Patent Term Extension

“…Gilead has been incentivized to keep innovative, safer drugs off the market in order to maximize profits by gaming the patent system.”

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Letter 06.18.2019

Representatives Cummings and Stabenow Urge Government Accountability Office Investigation Into PrEP Patents

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