Our Work

Pandemic &
Outbreak Activism

Our pandemic and outbreak activism work addresses HIV, Mpox, COVID-19 and other disease threats as interconnected issues. We work with allies to make connections and take actions to secure health justice for all.

Pandemic Preparedness Activism

PrEP4All knows that outbreaks and pandemics need systemic responses.

We are using the lessons learned since 2020 to define a new pandemic activist agenda. We are co-creating a scientific and activist vision that is sustainable, equitable and ambitious enough to move all communities out of cycles of panic and neglect.

Our work includes publications and convenings to define:

An updated scientific analysis and agenda–what does a justice-oriented pandemic prevention pipeline need to contain, prioritize and deliver?

Lessons learned from COVID-19 and Mpox for a new pandemic activism–what worked, what didn’t and how do we do more

A pandemic prevention equity agenda in the US that links the National PrEP Program, Mpox, long COVID, SARS CoV-2 and other pandemic responses

PrEP4All’s Mpox agenda is centered on ensuring swift, equitable access to and uptake of vaccines, treatment and tests in the United States and around the world.

We use community mobilization, research and treatment-focused activist updates and direct accountability work with industry and government to demand action on racial disparities, access gaps and more.

Our Work to Date

PrEP4All has led the United States activist response to Mpox since the first days of the outbreak in May 2022. We were among the first to name the gaps in diagnostic access, US government failures in mobilizing supplies of existing vaccines, and ongoing issues with access to the effective antiviral tecovirimat. Our work includes:

The Mpox Alert Bulletin - a user-friendly, action oriented update on research, access and activism

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Leadership of HIV/AIDS community convenings to address this outbreak, which disproportionately impacts BIPOC gay men and transgender people

Convening virtual Mpox town halls & protests across the country to increase access to Mpox tests, treatments, and vaccines.


We use rigorous analysis, hard-hitting publications, media savvy, direct action and engagement with political leaders to drive change.

PrEP4All’s work on COVID-19 aims to influence the agenda and secure funding for a robust, ambitious research and development pipeline of next-generation vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.

Our Work to Date

Since January 2020, we have been on the front lines of the community’s response to COVID-19. Our work includes:

Co-founding the New York City COVID-19 Working Group

A comprehensive COVID-19 research agenda, co-authored with researchers and advocates from across the country

A call to action to scale up mRNA vaccination to prevent the emergence of variants

An early warning about mRNA vaccine shortages–and a bold call for government-owned, contractor operated manufacturing to fill this gap

Collaborative advocacy with coalition partners to define the scientific agenda and priorities for next-generation medical countermeasures for SARS CoV-2 and other coronaviruses