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PrEP Access is Under Attack

On March 30th, a Texas judge issued a dangerous ruling in the case Braidwood v. Becerra that undermines the government’s ability to require that many insurance companies cover preventive services like PrEP without cost sharing, leaving hundreds of thousands of PrEP users at risk of losing access. This ruling goes beyond PrEP: it would also affect access to certain types of cancer screening, cardiovascular drugs, and diabetes screening.

This decision means that a National PrEP Program for un- and under-insured individuals is more important than ever. Should millions of Americans find themselves under-insured for preventative health coverage, with tens of thousands suddenly facing insurmountable costs for PrEP access, a National PrEP Program to cover lab, medication, and physician costs can ensure continued access to care and prevent additional HIV infections.

PrEP4All is leading the charge for a National PrEP Program. Donate now to support our advocacy to ensure that everyone can access the HIV care they need.