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Since 2018, PrEP4All has led the charge for a federally-funded National PrEP Program. As the movement has gotten more attention, including calls from the White House and Congress to establish such a program, it is more important than ever to uplift the voices of PrEP users in key HIV policy discussions. That’s why PrEP4All is expanding the groundwork laid with our Summer 2023 #PrEPSaves campaign to launch the #PrEPSaves PrEP Users’ Union (P2U2).  
The #PrEPSaves PrEP Users’ Union initiative’s goals are to recruit racially and gender diverse individuals impacted by HIV in key jurisdictions, to facilitate the mobilization of current and former PrEP users in discussions with policymakers, media, and other stakeholders, and to further define challenges and successes to PrEP access as identified by PrEP4All and our advocacy partners.
Key components of the #PrEPSaves PrEP Users’ Union will be: 
  • #PrEPSaves Storybank to collect stories of members for use in future campaigns and news media to influence policymakers.  
  • Direct Advocacy to put members directly in communication with key stakeholders to discuss HIV policy issues.
  • Level-Setting Discussions to ensure that PrEP4All and all P2U2 members are on the same page when it comes to the policy landscape for PrEP access and the barriers being faced by PrEP users around the nation.
Members will be able to attend a series of convenings virtually and in person in 2024 for further policy and advocacy education and mobilization. Potential members can join the #PrEPSaves PrEP Users’ Union and let us know the level of engagement that most interests them here.
For inquiries, please contact Michael Chancley, Communications and Mobilization Manager, at